Tell me, who you are.


enlightenment-intensive.net provides a starting point for anyone new to the Enlightenment Intensve (EI) or interested in taking an EI. EI is a contemplation technique developed by Charles Berner in the sixties of the last century. EI.net primarily offers a collection of links to EI ressources to get you started.

Who we are

A few people (scattered across the planet) who benefitted from taking EIs. When we took our first EI and had a couple of questions and every time we were looking for EIs or information on them we realized that there is no site like this. So we built it. No institution and no money involved. It's an offer.

Important and neccessary: by using this site you understand and agree to the terms and conditions. Read them! In short: participating in an EI retreat might change your life. The only one who can make this decision is you. enlightenment-intensive.net only provides the information for you to make this decision. Also, there is no way that we from enlightenment-intensive.net can check if all masters listed at enlightenment-intensive.net give Enlightenment Intensive Reatreats according to what Charles Berner has developed. We leave it upon you to check this with the according master.